The A-Z of Property Development: from Traditional to Modular and Everything In-between! Designed to Future Proof your Business

Discover The Fastest & Most Efficient Way to Build Houses and Become a Property Developer

The Bishops Gate 3-day Property Developers Masterclass reveals the S. A. A. B system, you (even if you've never built a house before, or don't have any money) can use to maximise your development... incl. assembling homes in a single day using Off-site construction methods


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a property developer? Stopped in your tracks by lack of knowledge and experience, money or time?


You're not alone, in fact, those very reasons are what stop many people from venturing into property development sooner. Bishops Gate's own CEO Pete Craig sought out, researched and carried out due diligence on professionals and partners with the knowledge and experience in the things that he lacked so he could learn from them. It was during this process he learned about MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) often called Offsite Construction, you'll learn more about this and how you can use it over the 3-days. This method of construction means you are no longer forced to use bricks and mortar (although in some cases this is still the best solution), some of these solutions and this training can help you fast-track your journey to becoming a future proof property developer.


Now, finally, we're levelling the playing field...


Making it even easier for you to become a developer. Generating bigger profits, and achieving your financial freedom goals faster, by sharing with you everything we know, including the 4-step SAAB system we implement when we analyse an opportunity and how this could just be the beginning of a whole new chapter in your property journey. 

The Problem...

The UK is faced with a chronic shortage of housing, one which impacts the construction industry and leaves it facing it's biggest challenge, one, which unless it begins to consider whole of market construction solutions including offsite, it simply cannot win - here are a few of the reasons why:

  • A skills shortage - the lack of investment in  apprenticeships for many years has left the construction industry reliant on an ageing skills base, many of whom are nearing retirement.
  • Rising labour costs (in part due to the lack of skilled trades).
  • Brexit, many foreign workers are returning home in the face of an uncertain future. 
  • Growing pressure to meet the ever increasing housing shortage.
  • Increasing cost of materials


These could put YOUR property business at risk, if you don't prepare for it today!

The Opportunity for You?

... and why now is the perfect time to get started.

Pressure is on, and the BIG house builders simply cannot deliver all the housing the UK requires, meaning there is a real opportunity for new, small and SME developers to lead a charge, to forge relationships with Private Land Owners, Councils and begin developing homes for the future... 

Homes created for modern living and designed to bring back community to our Cities.

It doesn't matter whether you have any experience or not, our 3-day Masterclass is designed to give you the foundations you need to build your own future proof property empire.

Book Now To Learn Everything You Need To Become A Future Proof Property Developer This Year

Here's what you'll learn when you attend the masterclass...

The 4-Step SAAB System to Find Sites & Assess the Correct Construction Process

Discover how to find and assess suitable development sites and identify the best construction system to maximise profits.

How to Negotiate and Secure Your Site Purchase

How to negotiate and secure a plot of land for development whilst minimising your risk. Including Direct to Vendor Land Sourcing 

What to do to Avoid Costly Planning Mistakes

What you absolutely MUST know about planning and why getting this wrong could cost you dearly

Selecting your Construction System

Traditional, Panelised or Offsite. Learn the questions you need to ask to ensure you select the most appropriate system for your development

Understand the Different Construction Materials

Understand the different materials used within offsite construction and the limitations of each - this will save you time and money in the future

How to Manage Project Timelines

Plan your projects effectively and understand the timelines for each development. Offsite and traditional builds are very different. 

Securing Project Funding

Discover how development funding works, SSAS Pension funding and how you can fully fund your projects. YES! It's possible to 100% fund your developments.

Improve Quality in Your Developments

Want to build better quality developments. We'll show you how you can deliver high quality homes consistently

Home Owner Mortgages and How To Sell

Different construction systems have different implications on home owner mortgages. We'll share with you how you can ensure mortgage-ability   

How To Build Your PowerTeam

Your PowerTeam are the people you surround yourself with to help you deliver your property developments. We'll show you who they are and how to find them

What You Need To Know About Transportation

Once constructed modular units must be transported to site. Understand the sizes and weights of your modules to ensure you have the right transportation in place for your development.

How To View The Different Build Costs

Understand the difference between traditional and modular build costs and whether modular is the right construction method for your project.

Choosing The Right Foundations

How to save time and money on your groundworks. Understand why foundations for some offsite systems are different and which solutions you can take advantage of.

How to Value Land and De-risk Your Deals

Understanding the value of land is crucial when considering a site for property development. Get this wrong and you could lose all your profit.

How to Stand Out with Investors

Learn how to present your development projects to investors in a way that increases the chances of them investing with you.

Calculate Your Project Build Costs

Discover how you can calculate your project build costs without engaging often expensive professionals 

CDM, Site Management and Insurance

Everything you need to know to ensure your site is compliant with all regulations and protected from risk.

Growing Beyond Your First Development

Discover how to grow and scale your development business for longevity, security and profit.

This Is Your Invitation to Join Us at the UK's Only Whole of Market Property Developers Masterclass

Where you'll discover how you can start building houses (or apartments) with systems that include Offsite construction and become a property developer by following our 4-Step SAAB System!

Step one. Source your development site

Step two. Assess your site for the best build system, whether it be Traditional, bricks and mortar or Offsite Construction 

Step three. Analyse your deal to ensure that it stacks up financially 

Step four. Build your development using the most effective build system for each site.

Secure Your Seat Today & SAVE £1,000

Don't miss the opportunity to discover everything you need to know to become a future proof property developer



Incl. VAT

Pre-Masterclass Bonus Training

3-Days Admission 

Refreshments and Lunch Included

Masterclass Workbook

Everything You Need to Become a Modular Developer

Dinner Saturday Evening (Optional Extra)




Incl. VAT

Pre-Masterclass Bonus Training

3-Days Admission

Refreshments and Lunch Included

Masterclass Workbook

Everything You Need to Become a Modular Developer

Dinner Saturday Evening (Optional Extra)


What previous delegates say...

"Whether you are curious about modular construction and the development process, have a start up property company or you are already operating as a SME I would highly recommend that you take the next steps for your growth and book onto the Bishops Gate Training 3 day Modular Construction Masterclass. "

Stuart Allen
Director, Syon Development Group

"If you want to know all about modular construction Bishops Gate are the people to learn from"

John Williams
Construction Manager

"Attended this course over the weekend and I can thoroughly recommend the course and the Bishops Gate team."

Richard Weiss
Business Owner

"Morning after completing the 3 day Modular Masterclass. Terrific knowledge, insight and angles in from Andy, Hannah, & Pete. Every element required to ‘do the deal’, from feasibility & acquiring to exit was succinctly covered. Love the ecology aspect of the modular product. I’ve attended several 3 day courses. They were all worthy, but this is the only one I have come away from with the confident thought ‘I can do that too’. Upwards! Thank you."

Nigel Jones

"I have been to many events and come away a little disapointed. This was not one of them. There was loads of content well delivered in a comfortable setting. This is a property strategy I will be using to great advantage for the foreseeable future."


"What a great course! I believe highly in education and have invested heavily over the last 3 years. Many courses are a bit blah, to put it politely. This was full of content from the go, and I really enjoyed it. Great venue, great food, great refreshments.... I can see some great opportunities with modular in certain scenarios and I look forward to exploring those opportunities in the weeks and months ahead."

Ian Walmsley
Planning Geek

"Great course this weekend. Thanks to the Bishops Gate team and looking forward to progressing newly acquired knowledge and contacts."

Anthony Bonnet
Construction Professional

"Was a great weekend and the course content delivered exceptionally well. I had been looking forward to the weekend since Nov last year, and started the week really excited about the opportunities that 2019 will present. Many thanks to Hannah Little, Pete Craig and Andrew Hubbard for the enlightenment and am really looking forward to working with all of you this year"

Rogerio De Oliveira
Construction Project Manager

"I have to say I feel massively inspired after the weekend and have woken up this morning already got on the tails of my local agents! One of my agents is connecting me through to the head guy. They are the biggest agent local to me. Coffee it is 👍🏻 I cannot thank Hannah Little, Andrew Hubbard and Pete Craig enough for the inspiration! Also the people on the course where just awesome to! Great group of people."

Steven McClurey
Director, Timber2Homes

"a huge thank you to Andrew Hubbard, Pete Craig and Hannah Little for the amazing content delivered over the last 3 days. Met amazing people as well who I have no doubt will be going on to build not only houses for people but their own futures. Look forward to catching up again."

Jonathan Stobbs
Director, Adamo Property Group

What Is Off-site Construction?

You'll learn everything you need to know during our 3-Day Masterclass but here's a quick overview. Bishops Gate Training are the ONLY and first to deliver comprehensive training on these exciting methods having worked closely with Industry professionals, to make your property business future proof

Offsite vs Traditional

Traditional construction methods require houses to be built in-situ. This means storing materials on site, managing multiple deliveries each day, dealing with damage, theft and wastage. Not to mention the management of numerous different trades and sometimes tens or hundreds of tradesmen. The very thought of this (even though it's only a fraction of what you'd need to deal with everyday) is enough to put most people off! 

Offsite construction removes ALL of these challenges in an instant. When using offsite construction techniques, houses (or apartments) are built in one location, typically a purpose built factory, away from the development site itself. Removing the need for material deliveries and storage on site and completely eliminating the need for all but a small number of ground workers whilst the foundations are laid.

What Does This Mean For You?

By utilising the efficiencies of manufacturing offsite and building relationships with a small number of long-term partners, you can now become a professional developer and contribute to solving the housing crisis without the exposure to the same risks as traditional developers, not to mention putting houses on site in as little as 1-day, creating a future proof business from day one.

Are you ready to fast-track your property journey today...?

Perhaps you were previously put off by your lack of experience, or the seemingly endless list of things to remember, tasks to complete. Maybe you simply didn't feel quite ready to become a developer... 

Or if you are already a developer and are concerned about the impact of scaling up your development schedule - with multiple project plans, contractors, deliveries and payments to make, or simply to future proof your business, then, this could just be the answer you've been looking for! 

Offsite modular construction for residential homes (common place in Europe, the USA, Canada and many other parts of the World) is now seen by the UK government and many major house builders as an essential part of the industry, if, as a Country we are to meet the ever growing demand for housing. 


This training programme is hosted and delivered by Bishops Gate Training

As Bishops Gate Training, Andy, Pete and Hannah deliver a small number of practical training programs and workshops designed specifically for those wanting to prosper in property.

Bishops Gate Training is the sister company of Bishops Gate Developments Ltd, an offsite focused development company created to deliver sustainable, eco-friendly homes for all.

The venue


22nd - 24th March 2019


Marriott Hotel, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough PE2 6GB


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